Well what do you know - there's a shirt for that! We've found the perfect shirts for Due in November.

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1) November Due Date Ladybug Maternity T-Shirt

Sleeping ladybug pregnancy belly print with Arriving In November announcement.

item 2

2) New Mom November 2015 Maternity T-Shirt

New Mom November 2015

item 3

3) Mom To Be November 2015 Maternity Dark T-Shirt

Mom To Be November 2015

item 4

4) November Due Date Belly Print Turtle Maternity Dar

Cute baby turtle comes as a belly print on this soft pregnancy top for the mom delivering in November.

item 5

5) Funny Hatching In November Maternity Tee

Cute maternity t-shirt has Due In November quote and sweet baby chick just ready to hatch from its egg.

item 6

6) Coming in November Maternity Dark T-Shirt

item 7

7) November Expansion Pack Maternity T-Shirt

It's a whole new adventure coming this November!

item 8

8) Due In November (top) Maternity Dark T-Shirt

Show off your baby belly and due month with this cute maternity shirt sporting the baby feet! For more designs, please visit WWW.CAFEPRESS.COM/FLORES346

item 9

9) October Baby Maternity T-Shirt

item 10

10) Due In November Maternity Dark T-Shirt

Due in November - color pink to indicate that you are expecting a girl. A great way to announce a new baby arrival.

item 11

11) Pumpkin Maternity T-Shirt

This cute maternity shirt would make a great halloween outfit, dress up that unborn baby a year early! The pumkin is printed on the belly, right where you are the roundest. Fun gift shirt, too!

item 12

12) Due in boys custom Maternity T-Shirt

Announce to the world your due date and baby's name with this cute and fun maternity design.

item 13

13) See You in November! Maternity T-Shirt

Due in November

item 14

14) July Baby Maternity T-Shirt

item 15

15) Due in (Write in the Month) Maternity T-Shirt

Customize this design by adding the Month due in the space provided.

item 16

16) Little Turkey in November Maternity T-Shirt

Little Turkey in November. Maternity t-shirt for pregnant expecting mom to be. Great baby shower gift or pregnancy announcement. New mom & dad will love this cute due date shirt. boy or girl.

item 17

17) August Baby Maternity T-Shirt

item 18

18) Is It November Yet? Maternity Dark T-Shirt

Is It November Yet?

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